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Where can I purchase an Isatphone 2 Satellite Phone Outright in Australia

The Most Common question we get from our Landwide clients is “can I buy an Isatphone 2 satellite phone outright in Australia without a plan’?.

Yes, it is possible to purchase an IsatPhone 2 satellite phone as a standalone device without an airtime contract. However, many dealers prefer to sell the phone with an airtime contract because they can earn an additional amount of their income from these contracts. In some cases, the cost of the device may be subsidised by the airtime contract, which typically lasts 12 to 24 months.

But they are available. At Landwide Satellite solutions our philosophy is if we aren't good enough to get your airtime because we have the best combined packages and service, then we never deserved it in the first place, this allows you without obligation to be able to buy a new Isatphone 2 outright online from us at Landwide Satellite Solutions with or without a contract,   but only off Australia's leading satellite phone specialists.

At Landwide Satellite Solutions, Australia's leading satellite communications online superstore, we have dedicate ourselves to giving you the very best hardware prices without hidden extras and more importantly service guaranteed. Just ask our clients of fifteen years long.

Allow us to assist you in making an informed decision about your satellite phone requirements. With our decade-long expertise, you can speak to professionals who comprehend your needs and can efficiently and affordably fulfil them for you.

Purchasing the handset is only the initial step when buying a satellite phone. It's not uncommon to discover them on eBay or online at a reduced price from unknown sources. Unfortunately, there is a potential risk of purchasing a stolen or broken device. What a lot of people don't know is that if the phone has been stolen we are able to blacklist it. The Isatphone 2 have an IMEI number and an IMEI number allows us as a dealer to blacklist that phone from ever being used if someone put in another SIM card in it. This is a security measure against the handsets being stolen and then used.

So don't get caught short, buy from a reputable long term local Australian dealer and make sure that you can either get a an airtime contract or a prepaid contract with a SIM card that is right to your requirements. At Landwide Satellite Solutions take time to talk to the experts on one 1800 45 45 87