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Using The Iridium Satellite Phone For Emergencies

Iridium is a communications company that mainly deals with mobile satellite solutions and is operational all over the world. Their solutions come in form of voice and data and they are serviced by satellites meaning that they are accessible regardless of the location as they do not depend on terrestrial mobile phone services. This makes them a very reliable form of communication and also makes it possible for people to communicate with others regardless of where they are. In addition, it serves as a great emergency communication for people in airplanes, ships and on land. They ensure that subscribers specify the reason why they want the service to ensure that the Iridium satellite phone is tailored to their specific need and therefore ensuring that it will serve the purpose for which it is intended.

In ships, satellite phones are very popular because they serve as a reliable means of communication even in the deep waters where other means of communication are not available. The ship safety and alert system is an Iridium satellite phone service that makes it possible for ship owners to meet certain standards that have been set in terms of communication. Iridium offers many options for ship owners to send messages in case of emergencies and it uses a global network making it very reliable all the time. In addition, the messages being sent are channeled through the internet, public phone networks as well as private networks making the communication channel very broad in case one network is faulty at any one given time. The system only needs to be programmed once during the installation process and it is ready for use for many years after that.

Iridium satellite phone services are also available for airplane emergencies during or after an accident. The cockpit solution comes in form of flight communication options, alarms and alerts as well as monitoring and tracking services. The equipment is generally easy to install and offers a means of communication as an emergency when all other means have either failed or are destroyed. In addition to that, the communication is guaranteed without any interruptions and this means that it is reliable all the time. Iridium also offers back up communication systems in case the main system fails. The equipment is easy to install and is very light therefore reducing any chances increasing weight in the plane. It also has a low drag antenna meaning that it is effective regardless of height above the sea level.

Another emergency solution that Iridium offers is the prepaid solution that can be used on land. The Iridium satellite phone can be installed for individuals who wish to travel and still maintain their communication. This is mainly used for travelers going for expeditions or adventure trips in places they are not very familiar with. It is very effective for many people because once again, the network being used is reliable and one is assured of help in case of an emergency. This means that one will get the help they need as soon as possible without fail.