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What Satellite Phones in Australia are truely global in their communication?

A satellite phone obtains its connection from earth-orbiting satellites, unlike regular mobile phones that rely on terrestrial cell locations. The coverage area of a satellite phone depends on the design of the system, and it may range from worldwide coverage to specific locations or regions that have been mapped to it. 

The Iridium & Inmarsat Satellite systems are the only true Global Internet systems currently in the market at the time of writing this.

Satellite phones are increasingly popular in areas with limited mobile network coverage, and global satellite phones are particularly useful in such situations. These devices provide a reliable means of communication, regardless of the location of the caller or receiver, by connecting directly to earth-orbiting satellites. As such, satellite phones are a valuable asset for individuals who frequently travel to remote locations or work in areas with limited communication infrastructure. 

The satellite phone, also known as a satphone unit, can vary in terms of weight and size. Recent models have been designed to resemble standard mobile phones, making them more portable. However, most satellite phones still include an external antenna, which is typically retractable. This feature improves reception and enhances communication clarity. As a result, satellite phones are a reliable choice for individuals who require clear and consistent communication in remote or underdeveloped areas.

Satellite phones that work world wide will need proper installation in order to ensure that they work as expected. The installation process has to be done by a qualified technician and will include a microwave antenna attached to a mast that will track all overhead satellites and ensure that the phone gets coverage regardless of location. If the service is not required for many long distance conversations, owners can get smaller installations that do not require the long masts and they can simply use the VoIP option, which is actually cheaper. The biggest disadvantage of using the internet for satellite phone service is that the reception is only good enough if the person using the phone is either outside or near a window or high building. For this reason, most people who make constant long distance calls using their satellite phones prefer not to use the internet.

Although satellite phone service is mainly used by tourists and researchers, it has become a cheaper option even for people who live in mountainous or forest regions where mobile phone services are not very reliable. This makes it easier for people to communicate with others without necessarily having to use a landline. Satellite phones that work world wide are also popular among game rangers and adventurers who cannot use any other form of communication when they are in the jungles.

In addition, they can be used by marine workers who are out at sea to communicate with officials on land because mobile telephone services are non-existent over large water bodies. However, some regions have declared the use of satellite phones illegal in an effort to minimize attempts of wiretapping. This makes it impossible for people to make or receive calls via satellite connections to and from that region. Other regions such as Australia have made the use of satellite phone even easier by allowing residents to apply for subsidies and get their satellite phones at reduced prices.