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How can i suspend my iridium satphone post paid account

How can i suspend my iridium satphone post paid account

Our regular clients when looking for a pre paid satellite phone option, often ask us,"it is possible to suspend my Iridium post paid contract if Im on a 12 or 24-month airtime one but if I'm not using it for the entire 24 months as an example".

Yes, Suspending your satellite phone service, including your SIM card, is indeed possible, but it's crucial to know that there might be penalties associated with it. Therefore, it's highly recommended to thoroughly review the terms and conditions and fully comprehend the fine print before deciding to suspend your satellite phone service.

Numerous clients have expressed interest in suspending their prepaid satellite phone service. Nonetheless, after scrutinising the terms and conditions, they have become aware of the possibility of incurring penalties, such as a $200 reactivation fee, if they opt to alter their plan. For those who believed that decreasing their monthly access fee for a few months while their satellite phone is not in use would be a straightforward and budget-friendly solution, the possibility of incurring unexpected costs such as a reactivation fee can come as a surprise. In certain situations, it might be more economical to maintain the current monthly access fee instead of suspending the service and being subjected to extra charges and fees. Therefore, it's crucial to meticulously inspect the terms and conditions of your satellite phone service before making any decisions or modifications.

It's crucial to note that when presented with a $15 or $20 monthly suspension fee for satellite phone service, there could be supplementary charges and fees linked to this alternative. For instance, there could be a switching fee to suspend the service, in addition to a reactivation fee and a change of plan fee if you choose to reactivate the service later on. The accumulation of these costs can be fast and significant, which can render suspending your satellite phone service less economical compared to maintaining the monthly access fee. Therefore, it's imperative to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions and weigh all of the possible charges and fees before modifying your satellite phone service.

At Landwide Satellite Solutions, we have decided not to allow customers to suspend their satellite phone service because it can be costly for us to reactivate the service and it can also lead to customer dissatisfaction and frustration. Instead, we recommend that customers consider the different plans and options available, such as reducing the monthly access fee or switching to a lower-cost plan, rather than suspending the service altogether. This can help to avoid any additional fees and charges that may come with suspending and then reactivating the service. We believe that providing clear and transparent options for our customers is the best way to ensure their satisfaction and our continued success as a satellite phone service provider.

At Landwide Satellite Solutions, while we do not allow customers to suspend their satellite phone service, we do offer the option to switch between local and global plans at no charge as long as it is being done on a calendar month basis. This can be a cost-effective solution for customers who may not need global coverage for extended periods of time and can switch to a local plan during those times. By offering this option at no charge, we aim to provide flexibility and affordability to our customers while still maintaining the quality and reliability of our satellite phone service. It is important to note, however, that any changes to your service plan should be made with careful consideration and after reviewing the terms and conditions to ensure that you are aware of any potential fees or charges that may apply.

So if you're considering that you're only going to use your phone for short periods, we recommend you look at the prepaid option versus going on a monthly access contract. 

One of the main advantages of signing a contract for satellite phone service is the convenience it provides. With a contract, customers can have the same telephone number every time they need to use the phone, making it easy to access and use whenever necessary. Whether it's for emergency situations or staying connected during remote travel, having a reliable satellite phone with a consistent number can provide peace of mind and ensure that you are always reachable. Additionally, by paying a monthly access fee, customers can have the assurance that they are always active and have access to their satellite phone service. This can save time and hassle compared to having to reactivate the service each time it is needed. Overall, the convenience and reliability of a contract and monthly access fee plan can be a smart choice for those who need to stay connected in remote areas or during emergencies.

Alternatively you go on the prepaid option which allows you to determine how many minutes and how many months you require the service for and recognise that you will change your telephone number each time you let that Sim card lapse.

The reason that this is the case is because the satellites to remain in the sky need monthly access fees to pay for the maintenance of them. Iridium have 66 satellites in the sky which of course need that maintenance to make that service be provided to you.