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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Landwide Satellite Solutions was formed to provide reliable, quality communications for people who work or play outside the cell phone networks in Australia and around the world, whether they wish to purchase or hire this equipment.

We are committed to exploring all forms of communications technology and bringing to our customers the best available solutions to their communications needs. Landwide Satellite Solutions is a one-stop-shop for remote area communications needs, be they voice or data.

Inmarsat Bgan Rental

Explorer 500 Bgan Hire From $13.15 per Day! *Next Day Del


Iridium Simcard Hire

Rent an Iridium Simcard on a month to month basis $75 pm


Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone Rental from $6.58 per day *Del overnight

Solara Field Tracker Hire

An excellent OH&S solution for lone or remote workers