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Can I use the Internet with my Isatphone 2 satellite phone?

By far one of the most common questions we get asked is ”Can I use my satellite phone to download emails or download stuff from the Internet?”  The answer is yes and no.

We would not recommend Web surfing using an Isatphone 2 satellite phone simply because of it has a 2.4 true  kbps download speed. It truly isn't fast enough, you see  if you take that a standard home phone dial-up speed  used to be 64 kilobytes per second, so at 2.4 kbps you’ll be there all day.

As you can observe, waiting for a single website to load over a satellite phone connection can be a slow and frustrating experience. However, Iridium has developed a solution for this issue by providing the ability to download packets using a compression software that is available for download from the internet. This software allows users to compress data and minimize the amount of information that needs to be transmitted over the satellite network, resulting in faster download times and reduced costs. With Iridium's compression software, users can enjoy a more efficient and streamlined internet browsing experience, even in remote or isolated areas where traditional internet connectivity may not be available.

Satellite phone communication with packet data download is frequently utilized by sailing enthusiasts and yacht owners, especially those who embark on global voyages and require up-to-date weather information. This technology allows them to download weather packets and other critical data from anywhere in the world, providing them with valuable insights and real-time updates on weather patterns, sea conditions, and other navigational information. One such example is Jessica Watson, the youngest female solo circumnavigator, who relied on satellite phone communication and packet data download to obtain weather information during her historic voyage around the world. By leveraging satellite phone technology, sailors and yacht owners can stay connected and informed, even in the most remote and challenging environments.

The advent of BGan, a satellite modem developed by Inmarsat, brings good news to those who need internet access anywhere in the world. Weighing just over a kilo, this modem can be attached to a laptop, providing broadband speed internet connection even in the most remote locations on the planet. With BGan, users can easily download data and access the internet from virtually anywhere, making it an ideal solution for those who require reliable and fast internet connectivity while on the move.

Charged on a megabyte download rate,  depends on how much you do,  to how much it costs. So if you need to get satellite information back to base rather than wait for the time period then BGan is the way to go.

However it is very common for sailors worldwide to use Isatphone 2 handset and an  external aerial and cable to be able to download is compressed packets. Iridium have a software disk that comes with their satellite phone and a USB cable, which goes directly from the phone to your laptop and allows you access to iridium web browser that you upload onto your laptop.