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Beam RST755

  • Beam RST755

    Beam RST755 Privacy Handset is an optional accessory for 9555 PotsDOCK and IntelliDOCK for added convenience with auto sensing answer and hang up intelligence. Handset Features

    Part Number:
    Beam RST755


    • Enable Privacy calls
    • Auto hand up on handset placement back in cup
    • Auto answer on handset removal from cup

    Equipment Supported

    • Beam PotsDOCK 9555
    • Beam IntelliDOCK 9555


    • Handset
    • 1.8m or 6’ curly cord
    • Hang up cup
    • Mounting bracket to PotsDOCK or IntelliDOCK - left or Right facing
    • Fixing screws for bracket to PotsDOCK or IntelliDOCK