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Bgan Explorer 300

Bgan Explorer 300

Superior Coverage. Exceptional Quality

Compact - for individual usage

The EXPLORER 300 falls into the "sub-compact" class of remote terminal as it consists of a single small unit - a transceiver with integrated antenna. Equipped with LAN, Bluetooth and phone ports, the EXPLORER series of devices provide travellers who constantly change location simple access to voice and fax via a standard dialled connection, and data exchange via a packet-switched connection to the Internet.

Part Number:

The size and weight of a small netbook computer, the 300 is the smallest model within the EXPLORER series. Weighing only 1.4 kg and with dimensions of 16.8 x 21.7 x 5.2cm makes it a simple decision to take one along.

A single-user terminal

Pefect for single users who are looking for simple access to voice and moderate data speeds.


Both small and light in weight, the EXPLORER 300 is the perfect choice to make when it comes to remote communications access on the road.



Dimensions (H/W/D)



Network Management

Weight (incl. battery)

1.4 kg/3.1 lbs

Message Indicator


Standard IP

up to 384 kbps

Restricted Dialing

PDP Context (up to 11)

Streaming IP

up to 64 kbps

Traffic Logging


Standard voice

4 kbps

Admin Control

Operating temperature

-25ºC to + 55ºC/-13ºF to + 131ºF

Web server

Ingress Protection

IP-54 (dust and spray proof in all directions)

Router or direct mode

Bgan Explorer 300 Manual
Bgan Explorer 300 Brochure
Bgan Explorer 300 Quick Guide
Bgan Explorer 300 Getting Started Guide
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