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Bgan Explorer 500 Superior Coverage. Exceptional Quality


Connectivity and Portability

Landwide offers the BGAN EXPLORER 500 to individuals or small teams who need a way of connecting to their office back home - no matter where they are. Adding to the EXPLOROR 300's feature list, the 500 model provides multi-user data paths and a 3.1kHz audio service which also lets you connect analogue phones or modems and G3 fax devices. EXLORER 500 is ready to connect your people to the world.

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Connectivity and portability

The mid-range BGAN EXPLORER 500 is designed to cater to small teams of users looking to extend their office resources outdoors. Building on the 300's capablities with the addition of multi-user data paths, a 3.1kHz audio service also lets you connect analogue phones or modems and G3 fax devices. EXLORER 500 is ready to connect your people to the world - irrespective of wherever they are on it.

Still more compact than a standard laptop computer, the EXPLORER 500 is a satellite-connected powerhouse of connectivity. It's easy to carry, set up and operate - and being BGAN's most popular model, it has proven itself to be a preferred choice amongst remote users.


The 500 provides a great balance between between portability and performance. Providing services with data rates up to 464 kilobits per second, it also offers a comprehensive list of connectivity choices to your devices including LAN, Bluetooth and analogue phone/fax services.

Light weight

Weighing in at only 1.4kg, the EXPLORER 500 still manages to remain small. Approximately the size of a standard laptop, it is easy to stow along with your other essential travel gear.


Beam Terra 800

Terra 800 is an all-in-one communications terminal, specifically designed to be utilized in a wide variety of land based applications; such as a dedicated telephone service or a back up emergency telephone system that can be deployed throughout the world.
Featuring an intelligent RJ11/POTS interface to enable connection of up to 5 standard corded/cordless phones or integration to a PABX system, supporting cable runs of up to 600m (2000’) and presents standard ring, busy and dial tones.

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Solara Field Tracker 2100

Recommended by Landwide, the Solara Field Tracker 2100 ST is considered essential equipment when you need to ensure that field personnel are in constant and secure two-way contact at all times. The 2100 ST supplies real-time GPS tracking and bi-directional messaging data which provides stakeholders with a breadcrumb trail view of progress as the remote team traverses any environment. Security and peace of mind are essential elements for a successful deployment in difficult terrain.

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