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Pelican Case Iridium 9555 Worlds Toughest Watertight Cases

Satellite phone are an expensive acquisition and in most cases are purchase as a means of communication in a life threatening situation.

Stemming from necessity, Landwide has developed a Satellite phone case to accommodate the Iridium 9555.

Initially Landwide needed a secure case to protect its own large fleet of Satellite phone.

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The case you need to protect the Satellite phones from damage whilst in transport including survival of a rollover or vehicle impact. For the best protecting you can’t go passed a Pelican Case. Landwide has developed a custom foam insert that suits the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone and accessories.

The Pelican Case is available in Black, Orange, Yellow, Green and Desert Tan.


Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone

Constructed to meet the high demands on devices working within harsh environments, the Iridium 9555 can be relied upon to act as your lifeline in mission-critical situations. The most compact satellite phone Iridium has ever produced, it also belies its bulk by being the most powerful yet. Fitted with an antenna that retracts close in to the body, the 9555 is significantly smaller than Iridium's previous models, making it possible to stow in tighter spaces.

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Lantrack 1200 Vsat Trailer

Landwide Satellite Solutions have been successfully integrating manual and automatic acquisition Very Small Aperture Antenna Terminal (VSAT) equipment with specialized high-end off road trailer concepts since 2005. Our mobile satellite vsat trailers are designed from the ground up to withstand the harshest environments providing a truly go anywhere communications solution to suit a variety of applications and industries.

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